About SEAComm

The members of State Education Association Communicators (SEAComm) are employed by state affiliates of the National Education Association (NEA) with primary assignments in internal and/or external communication. Membership also includes communications staff of local affiliates of NEA, staff of state or local affiliates whose duties include internal/external communication, and staff who work in communications at NEA.

SEAComm members are graphic designers, public relations specialists, editors, photographers, digital media specialists, writers, webmasters, media planners and more.

SEAComm is the result of a consolidation in 2016 of two predecessor organizations: the NEA Public Relations Council of the States (PRC) and the State Education Editors (SEE). PRC was created in 1969. SEE was created in 1946.

The organization serves as a support network for communications professional in NEA state affiliates as they promote and defend public education and the interests of the 50 million students and the more than three million educators who learn in work in America’s public schools.

What is the SEAComm Conference?
SEAComm holds an annual conference that features general sessions that offer direction, perspective and interaction on the issues of interest to the full range of its membership. Breakout sessions offer opportunities for professional development designed to meet the needs of SEAComm’s various constituencies.

The conference is also a tremendous networking opportunity, as SEAComm members talk to their colleagues from around the country about what works and what doesn’t and build connections that serve them well when they return home to their state and local affiliates. It also strengthens connections among communications staff at NEA and the various state and local affiliates.

When and where is the 2023 SEAComm Conference?
The location and exact dates of the conference vary from year to year. The 2023 SEAComm Conference will be held June 19-22 in Chicago, Illinois.

Previous SEAComm Conferences have been held San Diego, California; Austin, Texas; Vancouver, Washington; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How can I hear from SEAC?
While SEAComm maintains this website and hosts a Facebook group page, SEAComm also communicates through the State Affiliate Communicators email list maintained by NEA. That email list is also a key professional support mechanism for SEAComm members between annual conferences. If you are employed in communications work in your state affiliate and you are not on that email list, check with your state’s communications manager or director. Ask that he or she send your name, email address and job function to Heather Griffin in NEA Center for Communication at hgriffin@nea.org.