2018 SEAComm Awards PROGRAM


Category List

Conference Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in entering your outstanding work in one of the categories for the 2018 SEAComm Awards Program.

There are several new developments for this year’s awards program.  First and foremost is the fact that award entries/submissions will done online, using a dedicated SEAComm awards site.  This valuable online tool will allow us to keep entry records up-to-date, respond to entrants that their submission has been received, as well as quickly notify members if there’s an error or mistake with an entry that needs their attention.  This online entry site also allows for SEAComm to coordinate with judges to score entries and provide feedback with online judging forms.

We have also made adjustments to several categories.

Under Division I “Campaign Management”, the leadership team made the following changes:

  • eliminated the “Training” and “Against All Odds” categories;
  • Repurposed the “NEA Collaboration Award”, which was first added as a specialty category at the 2016 SEE-PRC event (“The Lemken”), as a “Campaign Management” category for which members can enter a project or campaign which they collaborated with NEA on.

Under Division II “Skills”, we made the following changes:

  • “Best Video” has been separated into two distinct categories- “Best Video- Internal” and “Best Video- External”. “Best Video- Internal” is for those videos that are conceived, written, and produced entirely by state affiliate staff, with no assistance from outside companies.  “Best Video-External”, as you can probably guess, is for those videos on which state affiliate staff have partnered together with an outside firm (i.e. Cousin Eddie’s Video Production) to conceive, write, and produce the video entry;
  • Added “Opinion/Editorial Writing” and “Investigative/Analytical Reporting” as skills categories;

We have also made several changes to the Judges Discretionary Awards.  First, they are now known as “BEST IN SHOW” and have been adjusted as follows:

Best in Show- Visual (honoring Bob Montfort and Norm Delisle; eligible categories are Video-Internal, Video- External, and Photography)

  • Best in Show- Writing (eligible categories are News Story, Feature Story, Opinion/Editorial Writing, and Investigative/Analytical Reporting)
  • Best in Show- Graphic Design & Layout (eligible categories are Graphic Design and Editorial Layout)
  • Best in Show- Publications (eligible categories are Newspaper/Newsletter, Magazine, Constituent Newsletter, Special Publication, and Membership Materials)
  • Best in Show- Campaigns (honoring Joe Bland Jr.; all categories in the Campaign Management division are eligible)

These awards are no longer left as a “Yes/No” merit designation.  All entries will be scored using a judging rubric and entries whose adjudicated scores meets/exceeds the benchmark for that category will be “eligible” for ‘Best in Show’ consideration.

There can be only one “Best in Show” per category grouping. For example, if Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania receive the “Best Video” Gold Medal for their respective state group and all exceed the score threshold for “Best in Show” consideration, only one of them will receive the “Best in Show- Video” honor.


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